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    1. Y2/3 Sahar 5.4.23

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Sahar Yarjani

I was first introduced to yoga by my sister in 2009 while living in   Vienna, Austria. I remember how grounded and quiet my mind felt after   practicing, and wanting to share that experience with others. A few   months later, I got the opportunity to live in India for a year, and   took this time to dive into yoga and meditation courses. Practicing yoga in India as a beginner was life changing, as I got to understand early on that āsana is just one limb of an entire practice of mindful living.I moved to the United States in 2011 to earn my master’s degree in International Human Rights. Since then, I have moved several times and now call Portland my home, where I serve on a local school board and advocate for progressive values. I completed my 200-hour training in Vancouver, WA a few years ago, along with training on trauma-informed yoga to bring yoga back into the community and where it’s needed most. For me, yoga is about deep self-reflection, going within to move from the individual to the collective, and a way to connect with the one and the whole.I recently completed a 100-hour training on Yin yoga, taught by Paul Grilley’s students, Sarasvati Hewitt and Matthew Schulman. Yin has become a powerful force in my life, helping me heal my own traumas and to delve deeper inward. As my work has evolved and become more organic and in line with my passions, Yin beautifully aligns with my advocacy and organizing work, as well as more Yang practices of movement. I’m elated to share my practice with all of you and to grow together.