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Danielle Hanna

As I reflect back on this lifes decisions, they make a lot more sense these days then they have in the past. I read that somewhere, I think, you know as a sign of knowing you are headed in the right direction. I do believe that to be true. I love to move my body and feel it in space, articulate it finely sometimes and others more for the rhythm and flow of it all. I have spent years exploring movement and the energetic relationship the body has with itself, both inner and outer and the power and Grace of noticing the breath. I grew up traveling and cooking, was an Art History major as an undergrad in San Francisco and spent many years working in the visual arts world.I love languages, cultures, timeless wisdom backed by age old scripture, art in its many, many forms, experimenting, nature, laughing, taking chances, pure, from the heart because that’s all I've got: Faith and LOVE. And when I met Ayurveda and realized there was a science and practice for all of this love, I was STRUCK. For the first time for me, all of my passions, interests and sincere beliefs had a vehicle, a masterpiece, a complete practice and study: the age old, time honored, wise, completely sensical, Ayurveda.I am a forever student. I believe this to be one of my core oaths. As such, I think I will always be in school. I hold my Masters of Arts in Ayurveda (M.A., C.A.P.) through the NAMA and from the beautiful community in the Watsonville, CA, the Mt. Madonna Institute. I have had the good fortune to receive sincere training there by amazing teachers, for which I am eternally inspired and grateful. I completed my Ayurvedic Practitioner Certification (C.A.P.) there as well.Yoga, the sister Science of Ayurveda is of particular interest to me, too. I have done my Yoga Teacher Trainings, both 200 hour and 500 hour at the Bhaktishop Yoga Center. The Bhaktishop is my second home and a place where my heart and breath soar. I also have a fond affinity for gardening and farming, and have background here. I am sure in another life, I had my hands in the dirt regularly. My love for local, fresh, seasonal food grows deep. Additionally, the exploration of energetics and her vast healing power speak loud and clear. Playing and studying with and in nature as a vehicle of and for healing is important. My continued interest in the natural settings of the world and all her power for healing is a constant source of inspiration and influence.But probably some of my most important lessons and guidance has come from the daily practice of living as I have learned to put these age-old sciences to good use. They have guided me through some of my life's' biggest challenges and complete rewards: teenagers, divorce, love, friendships and business have taught me lessons. Ayurveda gives me the ability to witness and experience them; learning and growing each and every day. And for that I am so very grateful.Learn more about what I do at

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    1. Restorative Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama: Calm an anxious mind using Ayurvedic principles and techniques in this soft, calming hour

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