These are the suggested props for this class. If you don't have these items you may still enjoy the class without them or with household alternatives.

  • Blocks

  • Blanket

  • Bolster

  • Strap

Course curriculum

    1. Y1/2 Kat 5.2.23

About this course

  • $5.00
  • 1 lesson
  • 1 hour of video content


Kat Kocurek

I attended my first yoga class at the age 17. At that time I was half-way through a decade-long competitive athletic career, and my body had no idea what to do with itself. Today, I'm still a curious mover, but I've re-discovered by body - and my place in that body - with the help of yoga. Through dedicated effort and an immense amount of support from my teachers, I've continued to grow into my physical asana practice while delving further into the more subtle layers of "Self." A graduate of the 300-hr Foundations Teacher Training program in The Bhakti Yoga Movement Center's 2017 Yoga School program, I've grown towards an educational path centered around alignment-focused, trauma-informed yoga. My journey as an instructor has continued to take shape through the patient and wise mentorship of Kate Busby, who has has provided a steady compass as I strive to grow my teaching skills and deepen my personal practice off the mat. You will likely see me at a class or workshop as I continue to study and play with The Bhakti Yoga Movement Center teacher and student communities.