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    1. Y2 Cary 5.23.24

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Cary Spaeth

I have been a dedicated practitioner of Yoga for more than half my life, and have been teaching for more than a decade. I came to the Shadow Yoga practice after the death of my father when I was in my early 30s, having felt the instinctual/intuitive pull to an established and strong container that I understood to be authentic in its approach, and have been on that particular path ever since. The elegance of that practice informs the facilitation I offer, and supports my life in every other way. In another life I was the steward of North Portland Yoga, and that was an honor in the highest. I attempt to be a humble guest on this path and bow deeply to the lands whence it comes. I have studied in-depth with Sarah Trelease from whom I received certification to teach hatha + vinyasa yoga; and I have learned the Shadow Yoga practice from Mandy Kruger. I am a grief/death worker, having gone through a formal training program with Alua Arthur and Going With Grace. I am so very honored to be in this practice and in this life with you.