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Es importante que recordemos respirar profundo, conectar con uno mismo y cultivar bienestar y Salud. La sesión será Yoga suave, estiramientos y meditación.

Ceci Orozco

I became a big fan of movement when I was introduced to sports, and I have been playing competitive racquetball for almost five years now. For the last couple of years, the addition of a consistent yoga sadhana, or practice, has been a life-changing experience. I first tried meditation and yoga back in 2012 while attending college. This first exposure to the practice stirred things from the inside out, and got me very interested and curious about the mind-body-spirit relationship.In 2016, I completed a 200hr training from The Grinning Yogi PDX. After this training, I moved to Gainesville, FL where I opened a yoga studio. During that time, I met my Ayurveda mentors, Richard Masla and Katherine Gaston, discovered bhakti yoga and kirtan, and as you can imagine, this too shaped me and opened new doors. I relocated to Portland in October 2018, found The Bhaktishop Yoga Center and immediately felt inspired and supported by the guidance and teaching style of Lisa Mae Osborn. In my classes I interweave breath with exploratory movement that focuses on personal alignment and inner body awareness. The yoga practice I’m most passionate to share is informative, intentional, centering, and soul-nourishing.Outside of my public classes, I teach Spanish to kids, love being outdoors, being in the comfort of my own house, reading, relaxing and sipping homemade chai, traveling, and facilitating yoga and wellness retreats in my home country of Mexico.

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    1. Yoga en Español con Ceci: Yoga Suavee #1

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